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Monatliches Archiv: Mai 2019

Release June 2019 – Version v2.19

Am 12./13. Mai 2019 wird das Provisionierungs-Portal 2.0 und die REST-API Schnittstelle aktualisiert. Dabei wird im Backend und Frontend die Version v2.19 eingespielt.


• REST interface was upgraded to spring boot v2.1.4.
• Java Upgrade to OpenJDK 11.0.3 on the backend.
• Upgrade of 3rd party libs, because of the spring boot / Java change.
• Change / upgrade of development tools.
• Code refactoring because of new versions / dependencies.
• Refactoring of the REST interface for static typed programming language like Java and C#.
• Minor fixes in the subscription synchronisation.
• Minor fixes in the frontend.
• Adaptation of the new REST interface in the web-frontend.
• Example-code for some basic REST calls by using generated stubs from the swagger doc (OpenAPI v3).
• OAuth2 methods were deprecated in the swagger doc.

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